I’m Himanshu Tewari aka Mountain Wheeler. I am from the small town of Uttarakhand, India. Moved from the small town Almora to Delhi/NCR for bread and butter. Apart from leading a corporate zombie life, I travel and make videos. I’m an Indian travel vlogger and have been Vlogging since past more than two years.
Mostly, I travel twice a month on weekends. I love to explore new places, meet new people and understand the local culture. I’d love to share these travel stories and experiences through this blog with you.


Himanshu’s Mom and Dadi (Grandmother) used to call him “Aawaara/Doie” (nomadic). Because he used to get ready to go anywhere or with anyone without even caring about school/home works etc.. Especially, when relatives used to ask him to travel with them. He just wanted to explore new places, new friends.

So, that travel bug was always inside him since childhood. Collage life was the next phase for him similar to any other engineer. He had not only learnt lessons about good/bad people but also got to know about new ways of travelling.

At that time travelling means for him was just to travel on public buses or trains. After his second year of college, he influenced by bikes and guitar. Though those expansive cool bikes like “Karizma”, “Pulser” and later on “R15 old”, etc. were not affordable for him. But he always used to desire for them.

And, then he met with Bharat one of his good friends in college. Bharat used to have a black Karizma and they used to come to college together. Now, he got a chance to ride that bike. After some trips and riding a bike for months, he realised about travelling in the bike not only adventurous but also unique. Then thoughts of becoming a biker came into his mind.

Side by side he was preparing himself to become a stage performer and a guitarist. No doubt he enjoyed playing the guitar but the thoughts about travelling and exploring were at the next level in comparison to guitar and music.

Himanshu Tewari

When he joined a company in 2012 he didn’t get time to recall all his passions and dreams. Finally, after 2 years of the job he managed to purchase a bike. And, the biker journey begins from here. He travelled to many places in Uttarakhand and Himachal by his bike (Suzuki Gixxer SF) and joined a biker group.

Mountain Wheeler - Bike Rider Himanshu

After joining travel communities he met with other travellers and Youtubers. And, a new phase of his life was about to start from here. He started Vlogging and sharing his experience on youtube. For the very first time, it was just for fun. But when people started appreciating and supporting for his work he got a kick. He decided to share his travel experience. And, started uploading vlogs of every trip on YouTube.

The Journey continues…. !!! πŸ™‚

What do I feel about travelling?

Himanshu Tewari aka Mountain Wheeler (Indian Travel Vlogger)

We travel from one place to another place for different purposes. A few of us travel so that life not to skip us and, someone travels for their own purposes, like just to chill with friends, for business, entertainment etc..

Everyone has various paths, neither anyone is correct or wrong. Everyone will reach their destination someday but the only difference is all of them will gain a different experience while travelling to their destination.
So, make your own path and life will show you many experiences.

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