Work From Mountains: 5 Things to Know Before You Start

As we all know, a new culture has been adopted by a lot of big/small corporates. And, it has a big impact on our life. Though it’s an old culture and many freelancers and some startups are already following it for a long time.

We are going to discuss what are the important things you should know before You Start Work From Mountains.

We are going to cover these 5 points:

  1. How to select a better mountain stay to start your work from mountains?
  2. How to confirm Internet connectivity & speed?
  3. How to deal with a power cut?
  4. What will be the budget?
  5. Pros & Cons?

We will break down every point for short-term(1-3 weeks) and long-term(1-3, 6 months) stay.

Best place to work from the mountains?

While selecting your destination keep in mind that your destination shouldn’t be very far from the main city. Because in case of a medical emergency/necessary things, you can quickly rush to the city. Even in case, your electronics laptop, mobile, chargers etc. gets any problem you can quickly visit the main city,
This is important for both the short-term and long-term.

There are several options like homestay, resorts, campsites, cottages, guest house etc. you can choose as per your need.

How to confirm internet connectivity and speed?

Internet will be the most important part so, before booking any homestay or any property double-check about the wifi. If they provide wifi then, ask them to send a download/upload speed screenshot. Also, you can ask them to video call so that you can get a sense of internet speed. Also, cross-check some internet reviews on that place.
If you don’t have wifi ask them about which network performs very well and you can request the same as above. Bring your sim/dongle wifi accordingly.

For the long-term, you should consider having 2, 3 nearby stay options in case the internet don’t work as per your need at one place you can visit another place within an hour or so to verify the internet speed.

How to deal with a power cut?

If you are living in any offbeat destination/village then power cut is a very common scenario. The best is to cross-check for power backup before booking the property. But if they don’t have then what we can do?
If that place is the final one and you don’t want to change the plan then, consider bringing as much as and as big as power banks with you. You can request the owner to arrange a UPS that may work for a couple of hours.
This is important for both the short-term and long-term.

Be prepare of taking 1, 2 days leave in a month, in case of a long power cut. And, if you are visiting in rainy or snowy weather then the power cut is unpredictable, maybe be prepare yourself for at least 2, 3 days of leave in a month because of a power cut.

What will be the budget?

This is a big question because it can be varied as per the places and seasons. On my offbeat destination travel series, we have stayed at a couple of homestays, campsites and cottages. Let me share my experience with you

Watch my experience of offbeat Uttarakhand

If you want to prefer a homestay then consider 600 – 1000 Rs. /day(there is some luxury homestay, the range can be 1500 – 2500 Rs. /day). This is an average cost if you book for at least one week. If you have a plan for a month or more than that then, you can expect more discount.
I would suggest taking a budget of at least 1000 Rs. /day this should include meals, home service and internet(if there). Also, we noticed that there are some dormitory options that are cheaper but includes wifi and food, even 400/day and you may get a discount for one month and more.

Pros & Cons

Pros of working from mountains:
You would have a lot of time on weekends

  • You can explore the village and enjoy traditional meals and culture
  • If you are a true nature lover then it’s an opportunity for you to explore treks and rivers
  • You can start practising meditation and yoga for your inner peace
  • You can spot amazing animals and birds

Cons of working from mountains:

  • Electricity, internet failure longer than expected and may have to take more leaves
  • If you don’t have your own vehicle then you won’t be able to visit the city as per your convenience, though most of us would go by own vehicle, also, the owner may arrange a scooty or something for you. If not then it will be a problem for you because there wouldn’t be many public transport option in the village
  • If you are a party lover and can’t live without the hustle-and-bustle then, you will get bore within 3 days and if you have paid for one month then…. šŸ˜€
  • You may end up spending a huge amount of money approx 30k/month + extra šŸ˜› Though I would say it’s an investment for yourself because you would get inner peace and a lot of new experiences

PS: I would like to request you to follow all COVID local guidelines and protocol when you travel to any place, also, our mountain people are very kind and some of the villages may not be aware of the guideline.
If you visit there then you carry a responsibility on your shoulder to take care of their life. Also, the responsibility of the mountains and our mother nature.
Please don’t take plastic to the mountains and pls keep it clean so that our next generation can also have the same experience.

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