Delhi to LEH LADAKH Trip by Flight or Road?

Leh Ladakh is a dream trip of every second traveller/biker. But, the corporate lifestyle doesn’t give you permission for such long holidays. Ladakh by road is not easy as it looks on videos or pictures. If you ride a bike it may take around 2 weeks and you need to ride back to back every day (~200Km). I used to plan every year but because of the fewer holidays, I couldn’t make it. Yeah, I could take holidays but then I would kill my other travelling opportunity for a couple of months.

As every year, I planned Leh trip again but this time I let the bike at home and just booked the flight for Leh. The funny part of the story is I booked tickets of my friend Karan as well. And, informed him to take leave on those days. Obviously, he freaked out but at the end, we were finally going to Leh man. We were so excited.

Finally, the day came. It was September end, I was a kind of little upset when I reached the airport. And, while boarding missed my bike.

But was happy because after years of planning and research finally on the way to Leh Ladakh.

Himanshu Tewari - Mountain Wheeler

Travelling to Leh Ladakh by flight is worth?

  • If you book tickets on time like a few months back you may get a good deal
  • The main thing is you can save your time. Delhi to Leh flight duration is 1 to 1.30 hours. And, you are in LEH
  • You get to see mesmerizing Himalayas views from the plan, just make sure to grab a window seat

Yes, worth it. You are only 1.30 hours far from your dream.

Things to Know Before Visiting Leh, Ladakh

I didn’t expect this kind of mesmerizing views from the plane window, even I was not on the window seat. I was reading on my Kindle. Abruptly, Karan asked me to see the window. And, people were also looking outside. The view was mesmerizing.

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(Do you like these views??? Watch the video of these amazing views below of this post)

There were no clouds on that day, we got lucky. these mountains were like attracting me. And, the snow on them was beautifying the view. It also gave an indication that it’s time to take your jackets out. the temperature of Leh at that time(September end) was ~10 degrees minimum and ~22 degrees maximum. It varies from time to time, you can check on google for the latest temperature of Leh Ladakh before heading.

Want to save travelling time and experience bike ride in Leh Ladakh?

Leh road trip by Manali is a very different kind of experience. If you have time so it can be a great road trip. you can rent a bike from Manali and join any of the biker groups for a company. But you will be riding back to back and temperature will fall day by day. Many other things may happen. Will share detailed information in this whenever I get a chance to ride my bike on that road.

But If you are very enthusiastic about bike riding; you can rent a bike from Leh as well. it’s cheap ~1,000 Rs./Day. So, come by flight save your time and then rent a bike at Leh. You can explore Leh Ladakh by bike.

When we landed at Leh airport there was a smile on my face. We took out our jacket from our bag. we wanted to shout and celebrate the moment but unfortunately, we couldn’t. The airport of Leh is managed by the Indian Army. The environment was not happening there, everyone was quite. even photography/videography is prohibited there. So, we couldn’t shout but we saw each other while travelling on the airport bus and I was able to sense the excitement on the faces of my friends.

The cab was already booked in advance. Our driver was waiting outside the airport but the only problem was the network. Yes, the prepaid connection doesn’t work there. You need to have a postpaid connection. BSNL/Jio is more preferable for better network coverage.

When we stepped outside of Leh airport, a guy with curly hairs was holding a cute little board, my name was written on it. You feel great when you are searching for someone and he is holding a board written your name on. when I saw that little board I read it and whispered “Himanshu Tewari” with a lazy smile.

Himanshu Tewari Leh

Though Leh Ladakh airport is small and the taxi stand is just next to it. It’s very easy to find anyone there. we had not booked any hotels yet, but we decided to go for breakfast and most important “TEA” first.

Finding hotels in Leh Ladakh is tuff?

Our network was off and we had to just wander and search for hotels. But when we asked Sajid Bhai(our diver), he took less than 15 mins and started showing the properties one by one. basically these guys have contacts and they can help you in searching for a good hotel. People of Leh are helpful, you can take the help of anyone for finding hotel/homestay.

After seeing 2, 3 properties and bargaining finally, we found a good hotel at the best price to stay. though it depends on the season to season. We were there on September end, which is considered as the last time of the tourist season.

We started our journey at 7:30 am from Delhi and around 10 am we were in a hotel of Leh. I realised we had saved a lot of time. I would say if you are postponing the Leh trip because of less time/holidays; just book a flight and visit Leh. Don’t wait for the correct time. And, if you have time so you are a free bird; take a road trip from Manali. As I explained above both have their own pros and cons.

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