What Happened To ME at Nag Tibba Summit

Whenever we reach any of summit, a smile with satisfaction comes to our face. It’s a basic thing in life whenever you do hard work and achieve your goal you feel the same. But every trek has a different level of difficulties and different level of satisfaction when you reach the summit.

This morning at base camp was full of excitement. we couldn’t wake up on time but started the trek by 7 am without having any meal.

Just after a while, it was looking like we are climbing on almost 90 degrees but we took tiny steps and keep walking forward, I believe when we trek we should use short steps instead of long, and try to breathe from nose only.

Also, we should match the breathing pattern with our footsteps, this will help you a lot. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The trek is steep but not difficult as it looks like, there are proper trails with clear path until you reach the Nag Devta Temple. After a while we had reached the first bugyal near Nag temple, most of the people go back from here only because the Jhandi top peak is not only 3 km off but also full of snow and narrow paths.

Nag Tibba Base Camp Experience

And, sometimes you will have to find your own path. The local people of there call “Jhandi Top” to this peak. We visited this place in mid of march and found full snow on the summit.

Nag tibba trek - mountain wheeler

At this point in time (in the picture), I am starving and a little bit exhausted. Whispered to myself: Can I reach the top???⁣
Then I looked around and seemed like the mountains were shouting at me: you can do it.⁣
I closed my eyes and said to me if I can reach here so I can reach the summit as well. With this thought took a deep breath and started to reach the Jhandi top summit.

Now I am sharing one of the most adventures moments of this trek. after a while, from the Nag Devta Temple, we found snow all around.

We were shocked because we didn’t expect snow. A few hours back we the sun was killing us but abruptly, now chilled air forced us to put our jackets on. We were unprepared for snow trek but still, it seemed like an easy trek but we never imagined this could happen.⁣

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⁣When the snow trek started everyone got busy to capture picture and videos, and after a while, we noticed our guide has gone far away. we started moving quickly.⁣
⁣We decided to follow the footprints on the snow.

After a while reached a steep incline where snow was tight. and, my shoe was not able to hold my body weight.

Abruptly, I started slipping so I used my hand to climb up. My fingers got frozen and swelled because I was not wearing gloves. After a few minutes my fingers gave up and I got slipped about 2, 3 meters.

We were about to collide but suddenly one of them(the guy in the picture below) put his stick into the snow and made a kind of hook. Instantly I landed my foot on it and stopped. Took a long breath but my mind got blanked. wasn’t able to feel my fingers. because I was snatching the snow while sliding down.

I mumbled: Is everything ok? Don’t worry this is just a small snow trap, you just have to find a different way.

Things No One Tells You About Nag Tibba Trek, Uttarakhand

I rubbed my hands to become warm and I looked behind. Everyone was gazing at me. Just passed a smile to them.⁣⁣ We were still stuck there, my foot was hooked up with that stick.

And, the person after me was also applying his load on it. I saw around and found a small piece of the stick. Started making a hole with the help of it so that I can put my foot on the snow. Somehow managed to climb up. Finally, found a place where we could stand. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Luckily our guide came back but still, it was not easy to cross the snow. He found a stick and gave it to me, as you can see in the picture. ⁣⁣

Nag tibba in snow - mountain wheeler

life generates many situations like this, but we should always give time to ourselves to think about the solution instead of getting panic. There is always a path to get out of any situations we just have to find it and follow.⁣⁣

After struggling on snow for 2 Km, we reached the summit. It was mesmerizing 360 Himalayas. All the struggle we did was once side and this view was another side. Totally worth it.

Have you ever faced some situation like this? please share your story in the comment box below.

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