After Lockdown: What things have changed in your life?

We all know lockdown has made a terrific impact on our lives. In the beginning, most of us got excited about it because it appeared to be a swift big change in our daily life. 

Lockdown has shown how mother nature can heal herself if you stay away from her. Also, during the lockdown, we have seen too much. I mean too many locusts in the sky, Corona in the ground, earthquakes under the ground, cyclones in the sea, wife at home. But Aarogya Setu APP says *You are Safe* 😀

This lockdown may have annoyed some people who don’t like big changes in their life. And, not to follow their daily habit like going to the office, outdoor activities, etc. can be a cause for negativity.

But who likes changes in life, came up with positivity and new skill sets. It’s similar like you get to travel after a long office hustle. And, when you reach the place you get to see so many changes around you, it affects a relaxed and creative mind. 

It doesn’t mean those people are happy until now. In the starting, there was a buzz about the lockdown and everyone was very excited about working from home. 

Also, many of us have started following our hobbies. You already know how social media is full of food and, with other talent videos/pictures.

Initially, being a traveller I was upset because I had to postpone a couple of travel plans. But on the other hand, I got excited because of a big change in my professional life.

As we all know, we didn’t even recognise how things will change within months. Ok, a few of you had already recognised. 😀

But seriously I had never thought that I would have to cancel all travel plans for 2020, and will have to shift back to my hometown. 

Though I had a solid reason for shifting back. Explained in the video below.

So, the lockdown had 2 phases. Phase 1 –  first week of lockdown, came up with excitement.

Phase 2 – after a month, many people have faced financial problems, hunger problems, commuting to their hometown by foot, etc. 

Many other people have suffered from their daily urges like junk food, alcohol, smoke etc.  

Let’s talk about the positive changes. Someone had said correctly: Whatever happens, it happens for good. 

Top things which have changed in your life during the lockdown:

  • Nightlife: A lot of us used to celebrate weekends outside of the house, now we are not able to differentiate weekdays and weekends. There is no weekend dinner outside, no pubs/clubs, no night outs. I believe many of us must have forgotten about this lifestyle 😀

  • Professional life: Working from home is a new culture now. And, this culture increases virtual communication in daily life.
    You may have noticed how you have installed new video calling APPs and the usages of phone or webcam have suddenly increased.
    Also, you may or may not have noticed, now, you are more comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Internet Bills: A new lifestyle of virtual communication has increased your Internet usages and, now you may have noticed how often you get a message – “You have used 50% OR 90% of your daily data limit” from your network operator. Many of us have updated our data plans. (If you receive this data limit message please tell us in the comment box 🙂)

    Personally, I had never seen this message of data usages in years, it’s like once in a blue moon. Now, I get to see it almost daily because I talk to my friends/ colleagues on video conferencing.     

  • Home office setup: Many of us would never have thought about setting up a proper workstation at home. We used to do work from home on our study table OR probably on the sofa, dining table, maybe on the bed. 
    But now everyone has a dedicated workstation, many of you must have bought some new workstation accessory as well.

    I have bought a new laptop table from Nilkamal. It’s cool, compact and under budget. Also bought a new keyboard and a 22 inch HP 22f monitor. I enjoy my workstation now. 

  • Survival skills: We almost never have thought about it, and never prepared yourself. Now, most of the bachelors who live separately from their family know how to cook. Now they can cook rice and daal, maggie, Khichdi, etc.. Even a lot of them have learnt chapati as well.

    Interestingly, who had no interest in cooking, now, learning new recipes. I know basic cooking but in this lockdown, I had tried my hands on some different recipes. 

    Taking care of basic hygiene is a new skill among us, though it is all because of the fright inside in the mind. But caring for a sanitizer pocket bottle and social distancing is a new lifestyle now.
  • Self-care: Within two months, abruptly everyone is very much concerned about their health. Everyone talks about stress level, indoor workout, meditation, yoga, etc. I know a couple of people who used to pay the gym membership fee but used to visit once in a while.

    Even I used to say “Kal see Pakkaa Gym jaana hai bhai”. 

    Now, those people and I are doing 20 min full-body workouts daily. Also, meditation after every 1, 2 days. Many of us have started morning/evening walks at the rooftop.

  • Junk food culture: There is a drastic change in junk food lovers’ lives, they have started loving normal homemade food now. Though many of them have started cooking their favourite food at home like Samosa, Pizza, Burger, Paani Puri, etc.
  • Bad habits: It’s very interesting to know how people have increased their willpower during the lockdown. And, it helped them to quite a lot of bad habits like alcohol, smoking, other “Saste Nashee” 😛 etc. 

    I have been talking to my friends, colleagues. They have been thinking to reduce conception of alcohol/smoke for a long time but they couldn’t. Surprisingly, they have not only reduced but also quit these habits. 

    I was curious, and asked – you couldn’t do it in a year, how did you manage to do it within 2 months?

    They said: We couldn’t get supply and, had been worried about losing immunity so, didn’t consume any. Now, our body has detoxed, not accepting any of that stuff.
    Fascinating, isn’t it?

  • Family time: Do you remember, when last you have spent delicately 1-2 months with your family? Everyone is having quality time with their family now. Especially bachelors, who live far from their family.

    I would have never imagined for this opportunity. I am a guy who wants to explore a new place on long weekends rather than going to my hometown. It’s not like I don’t like to visit my parents, I used to visit them at festivals but I just wanted to explore the places as well. Now, I am with my family and can’t explore places. So, having an awesome time with them. 

  • Social media: You may have noticed suddenly, your Facebook, Instagram feed is full of homemade food, new hairstyle updates, fitness challenges and other creative content. It’s a good revolution, all people are not only willing to give time to their hobbies/passion but also posting it on social media. 

    Earlier we used to think twice before posting any hobbies related stuff in social media. I am pretty sure this revolution has helped the introvert people a lot. 

Are you able to correlate any of the above with your life? Do you have any other experiences or if I have missed anything please share with us in the comment box.

What are the learnings from lockdown?

Lockdown has reminded us of the truth of life – tomorrow is unpredictable and life is short. We should always prioritise our self-care, basic hygiene is not hard to maintain and, sometimes it may save your life.

It’s not hard to take out 30 mins or so for a daily workout, it will not only reduce your stress level but also increase your immunity.

We can quit any addiction if we want, we need to just make up our mind. And, It’s ok to say “No” to junk food sometime. Also, it’s good to cook food for ourselves, we not only enjoy the meal but also add on a new important skill set in our life. 

All this happened because of the fear of Corona, everyone loves their life and can do anything to save it. We just need to understand corona is a quick poison and, all other things which we avoid are slow poisons. End of the day both are poisons, think about it.

Feel free to share your experience and learnings during the lockdown in the comment box below.

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