This is How I Got Vietnam Visa at Home(INDIA) in Low Price

Vietnam has become a common destination for tourists, especially for Indians. The easy online visa process, variety of climate, food, and culture attracts not only Indian tourists but also travellers around the world.

When I decided to visit Vietnam the first thing which came to my mind is the visa process. After some research, I applied for the visa and booked my tickets and hotel. In this blog, I am going to share detailed information about Vietnam visa process.

How to apply for Vietnam Visa?

There are two ways to apply for the visa:

  1. Buy online visa and get the stamp at the immigration office of Vietnam
  2. Reach immigration office and do all paperwork and get the stamp on your passport

First one is my favourite because it saves your time and plus many other sites offer you a cheaper visa fee. will tell you how.

The second one is a little time taking because you will have to be in a queue for paperwork and all. and, if you are travelling in season time; you may get a long queue first for paperwork and then for the stamp.

Online Visa process for Vietnam

You can directly visit the Vietnam Government site and buy it online. It may cost you around $27 (processing time 1 day). Though, if you search more; you may get other sites who can give you the Vietnam visa at a cheaper cost but buy it from an authentic site.

I purchased Vietnam Visa from (Processing fee $11 only.) I did payment online and received a confirmation email from the site. And, the next day I received the visa form and visa pre-approved letter. I have noticed that many people ask about the requirement of Vietnam visa form. Especially about the photo size for Vietnam visa. So, I am going to share the Visa form details here.

Vietnam visa form details:

  • Vietnam visa photo size is 4×6 cm(As per the visa form)
  • Personal details
  • Passport details
  • Parents details / Brother / Children details
  • How you are travelling to Vietnam hosted by an individual or an organization
  • etc.
Vietnam Visa form - Mountain Wheeler Himanshu

Download form from here if you want.

You need to fill the Visa form and carry it with you. Once you reach the Vietnam airport you just have to submit this form along with your passport. After some time you will get your passport back with Vietnam stamp for 30 days on it. And, you are ready to explore Vietnam. Though you will have to pay $25 for stamp fee.

The Viet jet flight is cheaper but a little uncomfortable. We reached early morning at the airport Ho Chin Minh City. I was tired and this online visa process was the lifesaver for me at that time. All paperwork was ready I just submitted the form and my passport to the counter. Now, I was free to take some rest.
Finally, they called my name and gave my passport back along with the Visa stamp on it.

After exiting the airport, I just booked a cab and reached my hotel(Sunland hotel). I just wanted to take rest for some time. and, took a long power nap… Do you know what happened after that??? Want to know about hotels and places to visit and things to do or not to at Vietnam? Stay tuned will post more stories soon,

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