Nag Tibba Base Camp Experience

Nag Tibba is a summit in the lower reason of Garhwal, Uttarakhand. We trekked for 3 KM from Pantvari village to reach base camp. There are a couple of other villages(like Goat Village etc.) nearby base camp place. The base camp is at the top of a tiny mountain. And, you get an outstanding 360 view from the top.

We went there in the month of March, to be exact on the Holi holidays. Usually, I prefer to visit such destinations on festival holidays. Because most of the people visit their hometown. And, you get less crowded places.

I met “Amma”(an old lady) out there, she was very energetic and kind. Being a Kumauni I was able to connect with her easily. And, talked a lot about our family and all in our local language. We feel good when we talk to someone in our local language, it’s a different kind of pleasure.

old lady nag tibba - mountain wheeler

Pantwari Village To Base Camp Trek

Uttarakhand has two local regions Kumaun and Garhwal. Both regions have their own local language. however, languages are a little bit similar and we could understand each other. It’s fun when you travel somewhere and you get to see someone who can understand your local language.

mountain wheeler - nag tibba trek

A few moments later, our guide told us about the sunset viewpoint. Yes, you get to see an amazing sunset from the base camp. then we went for the viewpoint. There is a small Bugyal where you get to see not only an amazing 360 view but also mesmerizing sunset. The nature was so green and the atmosphere was peaceful. I couldn’t stop my self and started meditation.

Things No One Tells You About Nag Tibba Trek

sunset nag tibba - mountain wheeler

Sunset time is also called “Sandhya kaal” in our local language. It means a time when nature becomes so peaceful and picturesque. People say we shouldn’t eat at this moment, even I have heard that cow also overlook eating at this moment.⁣
People also say this time is perfect for devotion or meditate because at this time our body gets relaxed. And, our mind goes still, nature becomes attractive. so, it’s very easy to concentrate at this time.⁣

What Happened To Me at Nag Tibba Summit

The first day at Nag Tibba base camp was ceasing here. And, I was sitting with my friend Sheel. We were just watching at the magnificent nature and abruptly I realized a calmness. I whispered to myself, maybe those people were true about “Sandhya kaal”.
Though it may not happen in Delhi NCR😝😜😃, but it was happening there.⁣
Have you ever feel this ???⁣
Do you know about Sandhya Kaal???⁣
Share your experience with us on the comment box below.⁣

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