Prashar Lake Trip: An Insane Solo Bike Ride Story

Prashar lake is an incredibly high altitude lake at a height of 2,730 m (8,960 ft) above sea level, situated at Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. A round floating island inside the lake adorns it. The island covers 7% area of the lake and, moves around all direction of the Prashar lake.

It was a long weekend(Dussehra) but I had no plans in my mind, I did finalise solo trip to Prashar lake a day before heading. 

How to reach Delhi to Prashar Lake?

From Delhi, you can get a bus for Mandi / Chandigarh. There are several buses available from Chandighar to Mandi. After reaching at Mandi, you can ask any taxi driver for Bagi. Also, you can come from Kullu via Bhuntar.

From Bagi, you have two options to reach Prashar Lake:

  • Trek for approx 7.5 km(one side) which may take up to 5 hours
  • Drive from Bagi to nearby the Prashar Lake campsites

Note: Bagi and Baggi are two different villages in Himachal Pradesh. We are taking about Bagi which is nearby Prashar Lake.

Prashar Lake is one of the best weekend destinations from Delhi/NCR. Lake is 475 km from Delhi and it may take you approx 12 hours to reach there.

Without thinking twice I rode my bike Suzuki Gixxer SF from Gurgaon to Prashar lake.

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Solo Bike Ride from Delhi to Prashar Lake:

I started at 6 am in the morning and after taking several breaks reached at Mandi approx 4 pm in the evening. I was riding solo and took long stretches to reach before sunset.

Though the lake is 67.6(approx 2.5 hours) km from Mandi. Due to the lack of signals(Airtel), I took a wrong turn but after 1 km when I saw some shops and, confirmed the direction then went in the correct direction.

This 2.5 hours journey had extended by 3 hours because of unexpected broken stony roads and wrong turn. The road had got worse to worse after sunset and, this 3 hours of the extension terrified me a lot.

Though I had a good headlight on my bike still the rang was limited and, a stony road patch didn’t allow me to open my hand on the throttle.

The adventure part of the trip:

So far everything was okay and, after a long dark road finally saw some lights. There were 2 shops and a small village. I abruptly stopped my bike and bought “old black holy water” Can you guess what kind of holy water it is? 😉 comment down below. 

I called Dhrander, owner of the campsite and, he confirmed the route. Then suddenly a villager asked me: Are you going to Prashar lake? I smiled and said: Yeah.

He smiled too and said: Be careful, there are too many leopards in the Jungle and the rest of the way is not very well. Though he was trying to be helpful.

It was an awkward moment, I just left with a tiny smile and said: Thanks!

Though I belong to Uttarakhand, have spent my childhood in the mountains. This was not a new thing for me. I just started my bike and push the first gear. Just after a few km, I just felt something on bike’s handle.

Parashar Lake road - Bike trip mountain wheeler

It was too dark and some water on the road abruptly, I saw water crossing in front of me.  I couldn’t see much or slow the bike. Then felt some kind of force on the rear tyre. 

Oh My God! I got goosebumps and shouted…But I don’t know who controlled my body. 

It was water crossing, a huge amount of water was flowing from the uphills on the road.

I had not a single clue: how big stones are there? what amount of water it is? how long it is?

I was almost unconscious, I just remember that I didn’t use the breaks and concentered on the handle movement and gear shift. Water force felt like someone is pushing my bike towards the trench.

This happened very quickly and I got lucky, no big stone or wood came on bike’s tyre. I can’t express or write about my feelings but it was insane.

When tyres touched the road again I just put gears on neutral and, turn around to see what just happened. My mind was blank, not even able to listen to the bike’s engine noise.

While gazing the water crossing I heard the engine sound gradually increasing. After a deep breath, restarted the journey where I didn’t know what next wonder is waiting for me.  

While following offline GPS(no network) several thoughts were running in my mind: Should I have stayed at Mandi? What if the network won’t come? What if a wild animal comes in front of me?… Swiftly, some wolf voice entered my ears… Oh, God! Please no leopard… I just wanted to go fast and reach the destination.

But a part of me was silently laughing and supported me, that part of me managed gear shifting, braking, throttling and even my legs managed to maintain balance in sharp turns on stony roads. It was like someone controlling my body and I had lost in my thoughts.

After approx 1 km, I became totally concessions and took charge over my body and bike, the next thought was in mind: You are doing very good. if you can cross that water crossing in this dark night; you are prepared and know how to tackle unexpected conditions.

Learning from the incidence:

I have learnt from this incidence that how positive thoughts and attitude can drag you out from any kind of shook.

If I can deal it even after approx 450km solo bike ride; you can also do it. Always stay positive and believe in yourself.

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After a few more km Airtel signals came back. I stopped the bike and called Dhrander: Hello Bhai, how far is your campsite from the lake. He said: approx 1 km but the way is offroad and very stony.
You just follow the offroad and keep your speed slow, I will be standing on the road.

I said: Can you please come to the point from where this offroad get started? Because It’s too dark and I don’t wanna take the risk. He said: Ok. I will be there in some time, be right there.

After approx half an hour I reached the point but no one was there. I called him again and he said he is coming.

Now I had to wait for him in between a wilderness where the possibilities of leopards or any wild animals are high. I neither stop the engine nor switch off the headlight.

Parashar Lake road - Bike trip mountain wheeler

I started vlogging to avoid silence. And then sang some songs…Just Imagine I am wearing all biking gears and helmet singing song… 😀 

After some time I saw another headlight a few km away from me. I was gazing at the headlight and suddenly he blinked the headlight. I realised he is Dhrander and, went towards him.

We reached the campsite after a few mins. A group was enjoying the bonfire there. I put my belongings inside the tent. I was hungry and cold, Dhrander invited me to the kitchen.

After some good amount of food, I went to the nearby bonfire. It didn’t take me long to gel with the group. I had become the centre of attraction in the group when they knew – I came solo in an attractive Suzuki Gixxer bike from Delhi to Prashar Lake. 

Everyone shared their travel stories and, I shared my story of “Delhi to Prashar Lake on a bike” with everyone.. The group was full of nice people.
I met from right – Uncle retired from the army, Om, Sakshi, Shreya and Priyanka(not in the picture).

Mountain Wheeler - Travel friends - Om, Sakshi, Shreya
Next Morning at Prashar Lake Campsite.

Respect for the uncle who is doing treks and all in this age.

This whole group was managed by Manu who is the owner of HappyGoTrips. He is a very helpful and funny guy. He stared ghost stories and made a scary environment at the bonfire.

A few of us were keep sharing stories and didn’t even release it’s 1 am in the morning.

The next day we had to go to Prashar Lake. So, decided to go back to our tents and sleep.

The next morning…To be continued… Prashar Lake Trek: Important Things to Know

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