Tirthan Valley: These 6 Friends Survived on Serolsar Lake Trek?

If you have rested very far from your home and, in front you a river is flowing with these mesmerizing mountains you get to feel a different sort of peace of mind. I witnessed the same peace when I was at Tirthan valley. Tirthan valley is a part of Banjar region of Himachal Pradesh.

I was travelling with my friends(in pic: Yashi, Parash, I, Megha, Rahul, Kanika). The plan was just to go to the Tirthan valley and enjoy mother nature for 2,3 days but in my mind, something else was going on. 

Tirthan is a river which originates from the glaciers of Hemkund. Tirthan valley is the hidden nature’s treasures of Himachal Pradesh. The crystal clear water of Tirthan River and the greenery of the valley attracts travellers. 

How to reach the Tirthan valley?

  • By your own: We had booked a tempo traveller so we were just following the google map direction
  • By public transport: If you want to visit by public transport you can book a train from your place to Ambala/Kiratpur and then take a taxi or bus for Tirthan valley
  • You can take a bus till Aut which is around 25 Kms from Tirthan valley. Taxies are available from Aut or you can take any local bus for Banjar, it goes via Tirthan valley

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After a 14 hours exhausting road trip(Delhi to Tirthan Valley)

we reached the resort. Most of the resorts are after the river, you need to cross the river. I didn’t notice any sort of a bridge over there but every resort/hotel has its own small mechanical bridge. Basically, it was a small iron basket. A man had to pull the rope from the other side.

Tirthan Valley - Mountain Wheeler

Being a Pahadi I have seen such systems to load the stones or other construction material to the mountains but loading people to cross a river, OMG, I was excited to sit on it. 

I had a plan to go Jalori pass and trek to Serolsar lake. But when I discussed this with my friends they reacted neutral. So, we decided whatever distance we will be able to cover will do then will come back. I had a strong feeling that everyone will be able to do it.

We were fully prepared for snow because it was mid of December. If you are planning for this trip in winters; you should carry all good quality of woollen clothes. Gloves are necessary because you can’t enjoy snow too much without proper gloves.

We were living at Riverside resort Tirthan Valley, Bhuban who take cares of that resort arranged a guide for us. He is a very helpful and jolly person. When I started talking and sharing came to know the best part – He is from Uttarakhand and his wife is from Himachal Pradesh, a perfect and cute love marriage. Aweeee

Tirthan Valley to Jalori Pass

After a heavy breakfast, we headed to Jalori (~25 km from us) via Banjar. The route is not only full of fascinating nature view but also full of huge snow mountains. We took a break to click snaps and took a long breath. The road is very steep and the killer turns of mountains can be difficult for a new driver. Next stop we had to take because abruptly the clutch plate stared heating.

After a few hours, we reached Jaroli Paas. Jalori Pass is at an elevation of 3.132m (10,280ft) above the sea level, located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Its the nearest mountain pass from Chandigarh and Delhi. So, it has become an attraction point for snow and mountain lovers.

Jalori Pass to Serolsar lake trek

Serolsar Lake trek is approximately 5 km long from Jalori Pass. The trek starts from a temple at Jalori Pass and the whole trek is not only full of nature views but also full of dangerous wildlife animals. As per our guide, there are leopards in that jungle. So, we had to try to come back before the sunset.

We decided to distribute in two teams so that who can trek fast can at least reach the lake. And, another team can return whenever they feel tired or want to trek slow.

I, Rahul and Megha stared our trek fast and guide was leading another team. Trek was fine in the starting and we were doing good, now my aim to reach the Serolsar Lake had become the aim of Rahul and Megha also. After a couple of meters, there was “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” point where a part of the movie had filmed. But in the interest of time, we couldn’t explore that point.

Serolsar Lake Trek - Mountain Wheeler

After a couple of hours, the trek started getting narrow and slippery due to black snow and, we were running out of time. We met a few people coming back from the lake. I asked them about the rest of the trek. They told us about the beautiful lake and very much snow nearby. We got excited again to reach the lake and stepped forward with a pace.

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Finally, we had reached the destination and found a small tea stall “Rock Star Dhaba” over there. The whole area was cover from a white layer of snow. But the Serolsar Lake was still not visible.

After a few meters when I get to see the first glimpse of the lake I got goosebumps. The Serolsar Lake was not only half freeze but also surrounded by the mountains. The lake was mesmerizing more than I expected.

After reaching the lake we just stopped in front of it and gazed the lake for a few minutes. We had forgotten that we were exhaust and worried about our other friends. I took my shoes off and just went to nearby the lake and absorbed all fresh air inside to my lungs. 

Serolsar Lake - Mountain Wheeler  (Himanshu Tewari)

After a few minutes of silence, we took a long breath and sat on the edge of a wall of the temple. There is a temple of Devi Maa on a little top and, the complete lake looks elegant from there.

I started Vlogging and Rahul and Megha started capturing photos of each other. Though it was around half an hour and our friends didn’t reach there so far. But we knew, the guide is with them and they must be resting somewhere or maybe they have turned around to tempo traveller. 

Abruptly, we noticed someone is waving us from the lakeside. We were wrong, they just reached approximately in half an hour. And, I shouted Kaniikaaaaaa in excitement. Yes, she was waving to us. We all were very happy after watching each other.

We had a lot of pictures, slow-mo, videos, vlogs then went to that Rockstar Dhaba to eat something. At that moment, “Parathe” were as one of the delicious dishes in the world. Because we just had breakfast in the morning and completed 5 km trek.

This seems to be a happy ending but the main picture starts from here. We were already too late. And, we had to reach Jalori Pass before the sunset. It was not possible for us because the sun had already gone down in front of us and, no one had that much energy to go fast.

Serolsar Lake Trek - Mountain Wheeler

We prepared ourself and tried to save all phone’s battery as much as possible because no one had a torch. We kept going but after a couple of hours, everyone started draining and taking too much rest. This time we were all together to support each other. We were trying our best to motivate each other. Also, were trying to divert our mind from the fact that we are in a dangerous Jungle. After some time, we realised that its a full moon night and the trail was little visible to us. Though it sounds scary everything was ok and everyone was strong.

Abruptly, one of my friends was not feeling well, she was feeling weak. We gave her some biscuits and water but after a while, she was not even able to move and tears came out with her eyes.

We sat with her and motivated her, everyone was trying their best to show everything is normal and we gonna reach just after some time.

In this positive vibes, something inside me was going on. Somewhere I felt it happened because of me. I am the guy who motivated everyone for trekking and reach the lake. Somehow, I managed to keep it inside and act normally and talked about every possible positive thing.

After a long break, we stood up and start moving. It seemed the length of the trek has increased and we were just moving and kept talking. Finally, she got a smile on her face and everyone was happy for her.

When we reached the temple at Jalori Paas, it was a feeling like we just came back to home after years of survival. No one was there on the road, not even our tempo traveller.

The only shop was just about to close, our guide ran to the shop and asked about our driver. Then he walked down to the road a bit and after a few minutes, he found him.

Meanwhile, I had a chat with that girl and made an apology. Because of me, we could be in big trouble. But she replied thank you for taking us to this trek, today I realised about my willpower. And, now I am confident enough to achieve anything.

Moral of the story: We should always be positive and support each other in any situations. Also, your positivity and positive surroundings can become willpower of anyone.

So, stay positive and be strong. Happy travelling 🙂

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