7 Cheap (or FREE) Ways to Travel after Lockdown | Cheap travel 2021

Nowadays everyone wants to travel and experience new places and talk to new people. But if you are a traveller you may want to travel more frequently and under budget. Also, you would love to grab opportunities to travel for cheap (or free).

In this blog, we will talk about 7 cheap ways to travel after lockdown in 2021.
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1. Do research on getting cheap transportation, cheap flight tickets etc.

You need to check out every possible way to reach your destination and compare the fare. There are a couple of options:

  1. Checkout local govt buses fare
  2. Checkout sharing taxies fare instead of booking a whole cab
  3. Talk to local and find if any truck or mini truck is travelling to your destination( be careful with your safety)
  4. Find out coupon codes/ offers on tickets before booking
  5. Try out hacks of buying cheap air tickets

Watch 9 best hacks to book cheap flights:

2. Find a free place to stay

You can join communities where travellers offer hosting in replacement of some housework. Couchsurfing is a site where you can find hosts in any country. You need to signup and keep interacting with people, and you may find some good host.

Another way is to check out the hostels, resorts, hotels if they can give free accommodation if you can give a few hour jobs like reception and all.

Also, cross-check if your relatives stay in the city where you are travelling to. šŸ™‚

3. Join a travel rewards program

Have a credit card that gives travel rewards, some kind of off on flights, hotels etc. I use Citibank credit card, if you want you can signup and get one. But make sure you get a travel rewards card.

Join sites that sponsor your trip if you create travel content for them. There is a site: Tripoto, they give you credits if you can write blogs and share travel content on their site. You can use credits to get a discount or a free trip from their site. I have an account too. If you want to join signup and share your travel content.


Also, there are many travel pages, travel group vendors who keep posting contests for a sponsored trip/some off on booking. Follow these pages on social media and keep participating. for example:


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4. Find a part-time job when you are travelling for a couple of months

List your current personal space in Airbnb when you travel for months. you may get a good amount of money which can help with your travel adventure. Though depends on your place how big is it.

Get a tour guide/trek lead job and explore the place with some income on hand. If you are an experienced traveller you may get this job easily. Also, in India, there are many small travel companies that take groups for tracking, if you have a good amount of tracking experience then, you may get this easily. Just contact them and share your experiences and stay connected with them.

If you are into yoga then, become a certified yoga instructor. This may help you to earn abroad, even in Rishikesh in India. Also, you may interact with some foreigners and share your travel experience, you may end up becoming friends and host each other. šŸ™‚

If you are good at English then, you can visit countries like Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea where English is on demand. This is one of the best ways to earn a lot while travelling and exploring any country.

5. Don’t spend too much money on parties and outside dining

Usually, when we dine outside or do a lot of parties that may cost us a significant amount of money. If you are a die heart traveller then, you should consider saving this money for your next travel adventure.

6. Make your plans flexible for last-minute deals

Keep looking for deals and offers even if you have already booked tickets for any place. If you get a good deal for some other place that is also on your bucket list then, cross-check cancellation charges and evaluate if the deal/offer is worth taking.

7. Buy a cheap tent and hitch-hike if it’s safe at the place you are travelling to

If you are going to pleasant weather just consider buying a cheap tent(you can get under Rs. 2,000) from the decathlon. If you want to invest more you have a good quality tent for all weathers. you can get online or just order from the decathlon.

Mountain Wheeler - Himanshu

These are the ways to travel for free or cheap. I would request you to double-check for your safety before choosing any of the options.

Travelling is very risky in this pandemic time, be careful whenever you travel to any place. Follow all govt. guidelines and take care of yourselves, the local people of that place. Last but not least be a responsible traveller and keep the place plastic-free, clean.

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  1. Last time deals are definitely way to go. Sometimes by using them you can get things even for FREE.
    Thank you for sharing this post, got many great ideas šŸ™‚

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